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Our professional services team has a proven track record to deliver
premium IT talent in this high demand market.

Verity guarantees our clients receive qualified candidates with 48-72 hours.

In today’s economy, the best IT talent is in ever-increasing demand among organizations. We are focused, experienced and our clients count on us to provide premium talent.

We provide highly skilled IT talent on demand and guarantee:

  • To invest the time and listen in order to fully understand your specific project resource needs
  • To provide access to critical talent
  • To reduce the time it takes to fill vacancies

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In today’s economy, the best IT talent in ever-increasing demand among organizations.

With so many different companies targeting skilled IT folks, finding those qualified candidates can be difficult and time consuming. Our recruiters are continuously connecting industry leaders and experienced IT professionals with the most in demand jobs in the DFW area.

At Verity, we do the work of uncovering and recruiting top IT talent, so you can stay focused on your business priorities.  Whether you are looking to add specific IT resources to your team, or supplement existing staff during peak periods, we can help.

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Are you a local C/VP/Director level IT person in transition? Check out ur VPIF Program. We’d like to help IT Executives in transition by offering personalized 1-2-1 sessions to assist with resume writing, job search, networking and possibly reverse marketing initiatives for those interested, all free of charge.

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